Sunday, May 3, 2009

Another List

  • Sleeping in, even just a little bit (until 8:15)
  • Being able to opt out of an "obligation" in order to have downtime
  • Spending downtime meandering with Aaron
  • Having a little extra cash that can be allocated to home improvements
  • Spending downtime on a lunch date with Aaron
  • Spending downtime watching Special Victims Unit with Aaron
  • Watching Aaron try to prove that a mess could be cleaned up in 5 minutes, just to help me out and make me laugh
  • Having a friend lend a helping hand for a church event
  • Watching 34 people get baptized! Including a homeless guy who had not been accepted at a church before like he has been at Flipside
  • Getting Hulu to work again on the XBox 360

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