Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Clean House

We're having a little Lost party tomorrow night. Well, Aaron's having a little Lost party tomorrow night. He and a few other teachers and a secretary from his school get together every week and theorize and talk about Lost, so he wanted to invite them to watch the season finale.

Which meant I had an awesomely willing helper to get the house all spic and span for them to come over. :) I really try to stay on top of the little cleaning tasks regularly, but sometimes it just feels good to get the whole house clean at once. It's a greater sense of accomplishment or something, I'm not sure why I like that so much.

So yay, my house is clean and I get to play hostess tomorrow night! Word on the street is there will be Dharma Initiative peanuts, soda, water, and fish biscuits like the ones that Sawyer and Kate ate when they were locked up in the Polar bear cages. ;)

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