Sunday, May 24, 2009

Entertainment Setup

Thanks to this software called PlayOn*, we are able to watch Hulu content via our XBox360 on our big tv in our living room. We can also watch YouTube, if we still had a Netflix account we could watch Netflix "watch now" movies there, and eventually when ABC gets on the ball, we'll be able to watch episodes of Lost on there as well.

It is pretty awesome.

Today I was especially thankful for it because we watched Johnny Dangerously, Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog (finally), and started to watch Super Size Me - but we started too late and got too sleepy to stay up and finish it.

I feel like Aaron and I are so "go, go, go" sometimes and it can be so nice to just veg. No housework, no reading, no grading, no thinking, just to become a ball of mush on the couch. It's a brain vacation.

*If you're thinking about downloading PlayOn, I will warn you - it's MORE than a tad-bit buggy, so be prepared for a few moments of banging your head on the remote control if you're going to go for it. But when it works, it's beautiful. It could also be due to my computer being on the verge of dinosaur status.

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