Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's not WHERE you shop, it's HOW you shop!

Okay, so Ralphs may not be the most economical choice for groceries. BUT, it's the closest besides Henry's. And I am enrolled in a loyalty program that we got when we activated our alarm system that gets me a $20 rebate every month as long as I spend $100 there, so I'm kind of married to it at the moment.

Some days, when I shop really carefully, I can make out like a bandit, like I did today!

I got:

6lbs of ground beef for $11.07 ($1.85/lb)

3 boxes of Betty Crocker loaded mashed potatoes for $1.50 (oops, only wanted to get 2, woulda been $0.25 each). Long story.

2 Pillsbury cinnamon rolls
2 Pillsbury crescent rolls
2 Pillsbury French loaves
2 Pillsbury Grands biscuit rolls

1 Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookie mix pouch

1 (pound?) of fresh parmesan cheese

All of the above was $35.01 and I got back $6 in coupons good towards my next purchase, so basically $6 in "Ralphs" money.

So my investment today really only cost me $29.01 and I will get at LEAST 12 meals from the ground beef, 6 meals from the potatoes, and God only knows how many from those Pillsbury packages.

Okay, so I could have gotten ground beef for $1.59/lb at Stater Bros... but like I said, I'm kind of married to Ralphs for now. :P

Happy hunting everyone, be sure to add my new blog to your feed reader or follow it or whatever you do.

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