Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What I do all day

So the place where I spend most of my working hours is called The Flipside. It's a church. People think it's an odd name for a church... I'm not quite sure why First Baptist Church of Rancho Cucamonga would be a "normal" name for a church. I mean, who decides these things?

As for the name of our church, it was decided by a vote back when we were first starting out as a college group. There was a tie between two names, Surge and The Flipside, and one couple's vote broke the tie. Kevin often reminds us as a staff that he is glad that's how it went down.

But why Flipside?

There is a verse in the book of Acts that says "These who have turned the world upside down have come here too" (NKJV). What we adhere to from that passage is that Paul and the other early Christians lived a life that went against the cultural grain. It was upside down. And we believe that we are called to the same lifestyle, one that goes against the societal norms, in a good way.

And as administrative assistant to the lead pastor here, I have been told that my job isn't just about the tasks, though there are a lot of them. My job is about people, about helping to cultivate disciples of influence. So maybe I go have coffee with someone and encourage them in their walk with Christ, challenge them to do something outside of their comfort zone, whether that's talking to a homeless person or joining a growth group.

I love that my job isn't just about pushing paperwork around, answering phones, and scheduling appointments. I love that it's not just about dreaming and scheming with the team about ownership and leadership development. It's about hanging out with people, hearing their struggles, finding out their passions, and helping them to unite all of those with their strengths and gifts in order to serve their unique purpose.

Is that rad or what?

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