Monday, January 19, 2009

Friends who go after it

We have a few friends who are either living in New York or LA and are going after really difficult careers in entertainment. It's not all that glamorous, and most of the time they have to work their day jobs and face rejection, both passively and directly.

But they are actively going after these elusive successes in the arts. Honestly, I think these little endeavors of theirs fuel interest and inspire people and create space for creativity. It's such an important thing to do in a world of reality TV and sports channels and bad game shows. 

Tonight, we got to watch our friend Elizabeth progress to the final three in a 15 week competition. 200 people auditioned, they chose 20, and now she's in the top three. And even though she's our friend, we didn't just vote for he because of that. We voted for her because she did an awesome job creating stories and telling them on the spot.

I'm thankful that we have such creative friends. They're brave and smart and funny.

*I am going to work on making these less sappy. Which is hard when your prompt is "thankful".

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