Saturday, January 24, 2009

Viva la Lunch

I have, at long last, discovered a way to get my Viva Madrid (be warned, the website needs help) fix without having to drive to Claremont and pay a hefty bill. 

It's all about Trader Joe's artisan bread, prosciutto, and Iberico cheese. And oil and balsamic vinegar, of course. ;) I also attempted steamed and then cooled asparagus wrapped in black forest ham, but the black forest wasn't right. Have to find a different ham for next time.

Last night's dinner was awesome, and enjoying some leftovers today for lunch was almost equally fantastic.  I wouldn't normally blog about lunch, but seriously, I don't want to forget the shopping list for this. And do yourself a favor, go to TJ's and pick that up. Don't stick the bread in the oven, it's perfect just the way it is (even though the label says it's slightly underbaked).

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