Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Creature Comforts

I'm working from home for the remainder of the day. Since things went so far off schedule, I'm just resigned to working until 9pm when Lost starts. With a dinner break, of course.

So it's a little chilly in my house, but it seems wrong to me to turn on the heater when I can just as easily throw on my comfy old Disneyland sweatshirt instead.

Right now, I'm thankful for this sweatshirt.

I got it on my 17th birthday, Brenda's dad may have bought it for me. I got to ditch school that day and go to Disneyland with Jaime, Brenda, and Brenda's dad. It was one of the best days I've ever had. We took silly pictures, ate lunch at the Blue Bayou, and did I mention I got to actually "ditch" school to go, complete with the blessing of my parents? 

To show for that day, I have this exceedingly comfortable sweatshirt. It's just the right amount of too big. I can't wear it in public, though I'm sure I did in high school. It doesn't have a hood. I love that. Don't get me wrong, I love me some hooded sweatshirt. But for just hanging out around the house it kind of gets in the way. And the strings get all caught up weird and it's bulky around your neck... this sweatshirt is just about perfect. 

It's light gray with Disneyland written across the chest. But each letter of the word is representative of a character. The D is dressed up like Mickey, i like Pooh Bear, s like Goofy, etc. It's simple Disney charm. No flashy glittery pics of Tinkerbell or huge character images. Just the good stuff. 

Even though it's not soft and fleecy inside anymore, it's still not itchy. It's a little dingy, but it's still got a few miles before it falls apart on me. And this is probably the one piece of clothing that I have this much affinity for.

And I guess you could say I'm glad that once in a while I get to work from home and wear it. I've never had a security/comfort blanket, but this comes pretty close.

Now, to immerse myself in Relevant Servanthood... :)

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