Friday, March 6, 2009

Familiar Faces

I haven't really kept in touch with anyone from high school, except for Brenda. Even that contact is sporadic, probably because she lives on Vandenburg AFB and has 3 boys to keep her busy.

Thanks to Myspace and Facebook, I'm back in touch with a few more people now.

I ran into those people last night while we were stuck in the nightmarish line for Watchmen, thanks to the Imax projector breaking at the Edwards in Ontario. It was nice to see them. I wish that I could hang out with them more, but schedules never seem to permit.

I'm really proud of and impressed with Bernie for doing so well in her dental hygiene school, and for becoming the kind woman that she is. If you had the experience with her that I did in junior high and high school, you might be surprised. I'm really not saying that to be mean, I mean it as a huge compliment. I experience a lot of people who I don't think have changed one iota from how I imagine they must have been in high school. It has to be really easy to stay the same, especially when you run with the same crowd. But Bernie has turned that around, and she's even nice to me, which if you saw me back in the day, you probably wouldn't think I deserve that. ;)

So I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm thankful for running into people who look familiar to me, but are all "grown up" now. May and Jason are married with a cute little girl, Bernadette and Brad are married and recently bought a house, Cari is teaching high school (and hopefully not getting pink slipped with the budget crisis).

Also, I saw Howard - I can't remember his last name, but Brenda, you might remember him - he had Heath Ledger hair and wore cowboy boots? That was random. I'm not quite sure how I managed to remember his name, probably because it was a unique one. He was looking at me funny and I saw him and we both had the realization that we knew each other.

I saw Steve on the way out... can't remember his last name, but any BHSer would know him if you saw him.

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