Saturday, March 7, 2009


I am thankful for our friend, Nathan.

He is caring, sweet, thoughtful, and a gentleman.

We had been trying to plan a trip to Knott's Berry farm for a couple months to use some extra tickets his family ended up with in January. There were a couple potential days that the guys could have gone without me, but Nathan insisted that there were 4 tickets and that I needed to go. It's good to know that he and Joe don't just put up with me because I'm married to Aaron.

Today we finally went and we had a blast. I love how Nathan has grown up in a lot of ways, yet is still able to maintain his personality integrity by being loud and inappropriate at times. ;) He is almost always willing to laugh at a joke, even if it's not a very good one, which makes me feel sometimes like I'm actually funny.

And even though his bank account is far from overflowing right now, he wouldn't allow himself to be a bum yesterday and let everyone else pay for him. Sometimes I wish he would just let us do nice things for him, but I definitely appreciate that he would rather be overly strict on that philosophy than overly lax.

I also wish Nathan knew just how valuable he is to those of us who love him, and I would imagine to other people as well. Perhaps someday it will sink in. I think it might be starting to.

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