Thursday, March 5, 2009

My $10 Investment

Last night, while at the grocery store buying Lean Cuisines (for $1.50 each, I might add), I picked up a Reynolds Handi-Vac for vacuum sealing food. It was only $10, and we had just stocked up on ground beef that needed to be frozen and stored.

I froze all of my ground beef last night, and tonight, after buying almonds and walnuts at Trader Joe's, I sealed what wouldn't fit in my jars to keep them fresh longer.

I'm pretty sure this little investment will more than pay for itself. If I find myself staying on top of this saving money buying in bulk thing, I may have to go out and get a fancier sealer. For now, I'm just experimenting.

Maybe we can buy some steaks at Costco next week and stash 'em for later. I am seriously enjoying having food on hand at pretty much all times.

In non-thankful news, I turned off word-verification on comments. So please comment away, especially when you have tips and tricks for me!

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