Saturday, May 30, 2009

Getting Back on the Wagon

At least the wagon is still within reach.

I have once again fallen off of the exercise wagon, but now I've been to the gym twice this week. As far as I'm concerned, that is back on the wagon. Especially considering all of the times I've had a "goal" in mind of going once in the coming week and never actually made it.

It helps a lot that we finally bit the bullet and acquired a gym membership from Costco for Aaron. So Wednesday night we went and he proved who he was and signed his firstborn child over, etc, and they roped him into coming for a "fitness evaluation" today with a trainer. Being the loving and supportive wife that I am I went along with him (okay, okay, so it was really more like I recognized that if I couldn't drag myself to the gym I could always hop in Aaron's car and go with him).

While he was being "evaluated" I got a full 30 minutes of cardio in and then braved a couple of weight machines on the floor. All the while shuddering at the skeezy guys who were noticeably thinking that I was checking them out while I was scanning the room for my husband. YUCK!

I've been losing pretty consistently since I started Weight Watchers, but now it's starting to slow and I think my body is going to stay that way until I start working out. I'm going to go Monday, and I may even head out tomorrow to rent the new Active game for the Wii, since that might be a step in the right direction towards Aaron letting me buy it.

As a sidenote, I would encourage anyone who knows someone who is trying to lose weight to just be supportive and encouraging. Unless there's a real health concern, of course. For me, when people say "oh, why? you don't need to lose" - it makes me feel awkward. The point is, I am not comfortable in my own skin (or my own clothing for that matter), so I feel that I need to lose. Everybody is different, some girls much larger than myself are perfectly happy being that way, at least they don't say otherwise. And I don't badger them about losing weight. But if I someone wants to, whether or not I think they need to, I try to encourage them because it's really really hard to lose. It takes the power to say "no" to foods everyone loves and tries to offer you at every turn, the energy to think before you order at a restaurant, planning for a good healthy lunch and snacks at work, and finding time to work out on top of all of that.

So, I'm just saying. Don't say "why? you don't need to lose!" Try "good for you!" or "you can do it!" or "let's go for a walk sometime!" Exclamation points are optional.

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